Punctuality Essay for Students In Class 7,8,10,11

Punctuality Essay for Students In class 7,8,10,11

Punctuality Introduction: The quality that makes us able to show other qualities is punctuality. It is such a habit that helps us to perform works in time and prove our ability. A man may be persevering, may be truthful, may be honest, or maybe brave but if he is not punctual, all of his qualities … Read more

Characte Essay For All Class


Character Introduction: Character means the good qualities of a man. Honesty, truthfulness, sympathy, courage, fairness, etc. are the qualities of a man of character. Character is a great wealth for a man. The man who has lost money has lost nothing. But if he loses character, he loses everything Without character, his wealth, power, and … Read more

Education For All essay Class Students

Education For All

Education For All Introduction: Education is the backbone of a nation. No person or no nation can stand upright without education. All development endeavors end in smoke because of illiteracy. But it is a matter of regret that the majority of our people are deprived of education. Education for all is the crying need in … Read more

Dignity Of Labour Essay Suitable For All Class Students

Dignity Of Labour

Dignity Of Labour Introduction: A proverb goes that “Industry is the key to success”. No man can prosper in life without labour. Allah has given us hands and strength to work. No labour is unrewarded. Kinds: There are two kinds of labour. As (1) physical labour and (i) mental labour. Physical labour is toilsome and … Read more

Tree Plantation Essay For All Class

Tree Plantation Essay For All Class

Tree Plantation Essay Introduction:  Under the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me. And turn his merry note. Unto the sweet bird’s throat. Come hither, come hither, come hither. This was the cordial invitation of William Shakespeare to the bored city dwellers. If he were still alive, he would found that his favorite woods … Read more

A Journey by Bus Eassy For Class 7,8,9, 10

A Journey by Bus Eassy For Class 7,8,9, 10

Composition on A Journey by Bus Introduction: A bus is a common transport in our country. Almost every day we travel from one place to another by bus. A long journey by bus however is a rare occasion for anybody. A journey by bus is always pleasing and exciting. In our modern life, a bus … Read more

Long and Short Essay on Rainy Day in English


A Rainy Day A rainy day is a day when it rains heavily. This day creates booth pleasures and sufferings to us. The whole atmosphere is wet on the day some people enjoy to pass this day merrily but it is not enjoyable to all. A rainy day is dull and gloomy the sky remains … Read more

Essay About Traveling Why Should You Start Travelling Today

Essay About Traveling Why Should You Start Travelling Today

Traveling or Importance of Traveling Introduction:  Traveling means to go from one place to another place. Generally, people go for long-distance in traveling. Bookish knowledge is theoretical and incomplete in order to have practical knowledge we have to for traveling. Traveling plays a very important role in achieving the perfect education. It is necessary for … Read more