A Journey By Train Essay- Important for all class

A Journey By Train

Introduction: The railway communication in our country is good. It is now very easy to go from one place to another place in a very short time. If we are to go to a distant place, we usually go there by train in order to save our time. A journey by train is very safe and enjoyable. It is very comfortable to travel by train from one place to another.
Occasion: During the last Eid vacation () I along with my mother, went to Chittagong by train.
Preparation: We took some packet lunch and tiffin for our meals on the way. While we reached the station we found all the compartments and the stations fully crowded.
Description :
(a) Starting: We started from our elder brother’s house in Dhaka. We reached the Kamalapur station. I bought a ticket and got on the train. There were the hustle and bustle (Cobicafe) of the coolie and the passengers.
The compartment was fully packed up with passengers. When the bell rang and the guard blew his whistle and waved his flag the train then started with a jerking and rattling sound.
(b) Speed increased: It was a mail train. At first, the train moved on slowly. But after a few minutes, it began running at a great speed. Thus it passed the field, bridge after bridge, and station after station. I looked outside and fed my eyes with various sights and scenes.
Scene of the compartment: The compartment also offered a wonderful science to me. Some c
the passengers were talking on various topics, some were reading books, some were going through the newspapers, some were sleeping and some were looking outside. They were enjoying the natural scenery. A new married couple was taking their seat with me.
Arrival at the destination: It was evening when I reached Chittagong. A friend of mine was waiting for me at the station. I got down and talked with him. Thus our journey came to an end.
Conclusion: It was a pleasant journey. Its memory will linger in my mind as lo as I live.

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