Short essay on A Village Market

A village market A village market is a place where the villagers buy and sell things of their daily use. It is an important place for them. They satisfy their demand from here. It plays a great role in the economy of the people. Location: Generally, a village market sits by the riverside or canal … Read more

Essay on A Science Fair

A Visit to a Science Fair A science fair means the fair were the scientific types of equipment, tools, instruments or machines are exhibited. This type o fair is arranged within my reach. Importance of science fair Science fair has the immense importance it diverts the young generations to the path of science as it … Read more

Essay on A Trip to a Village on a Holy day

Essay on A Trip to a Village on a Holiday

A Trip to a Village on a Holy day I was born and grown up in a town the lifestyle and atmosphere in town Are very familiar to me. So when I get opportunities to go to the village, I do not lose those. Last week I got such an opportunity to go to a … Read more

Short Essay on Ideal Teacher

An Ideal Teacher The teacher who teaches the student in an easy manner possesses some special qualities is an ideal teacher. He is an assist for the nation. He contributes lot for the country. He plays for the nation building. The students respect and love him much. An ideal teacher possesses some outstanding qualities. These … Read more

Essay on Child Labour for Children and Students

Essay on Child Labour

Child Labour Bangladesh is a small country with growing problems. Among all problems, child labour is a great one. The problem is spread its evil all over the country. It is going from bad to worse. All are getting concerned about this problem. Child labour: The labour done by a child is called child labour. … Read more

Student Life is Golden Life Short Essay

Student Life is Golden Life-Short Essay

Essay On  A Student Life Student Life means the period during which boys and girl learn education by staying in school, college and other educational institutions.  in this life, students have to perform a lot of responsibilities. Student life is the foundation of whole life so this life should be passed in dutifulness. Important of student life Student … Read more

A Village Doctor Essay Composition

A Village Doctor Essay Composition

A village Doctor A village doctor is a man who treats the patients in the village. He is a familiar figure. His work is very important. The village people consult with him for their disease-related causes. His qualification: A village doctor is either S.S.C or H.S.C. after this he completes LAMAFP or other medical training. … Read more

Essay On Your Favorite Game

Essay On Your Favorite Game

Your Favorite Game Or My Favorite Game Football is my favorite game I like it most Everyday I play it in the afternoon. I am never exhausted by it. In fact, it has become a part and parcel of my life. My life is almost impossible without football. History of football:  The game of football has … Read more