Dignity Of Labour Essay Suitable For All Class Students

Dignity Of Labour

Introduction: A proverb goes that “Industry is the key to success”. No man can prosper in life without labour. Allah has given us hands and strength to work. No labour is unrewarded.
Kinds: There are two kinds of labour. As (1) physical labour and (i) mental labour. Physical labour is toilsome and more honourable. Mental labour is thinking, reading, discussing etc. It sharpens our memory,
Importance of Labour: Labour is the machine of good luck. National development largely depends on hard labour. Every man has some talents. Labour finds out these talents and helps to achieve prosperity. Moreover, for our survival, we should work hard.
Value of labour: If we look at the famous persons of the world we will see all of them were industrious, and they valued labour with dignity. Hazrat Mohammad ordered us to do labour. He further said to look after the person who works in our house. He himself did his works.
Physical development: For physical fitness labour is essential. If we do not do any work our organs will work. For this reason, Allah orders Namaz five times a day which keeps us active.
Mental development: An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. A lazy man can never think of a good thing. In his brain, there is always evil thinking. He is harmful to society. Labour keeps him away from these things and makes him an asset to the country.
For students: Students are the future hope and aspiration for the nation. Student life is the golden period for sowing proper seeds for the future. So, they have to do hard labour regularly.
Social respect: The people who work hard are respected by society. It gives them a true spirit of courage and self-confidence. It brings prosperity and gives him mental peace.
Conclusion: Every person should remember the dignity of labour. No work is irrespective. We should value all kinds of work because the nation which does not show respect to labour can never achieve an honourable place in the world.

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