A Journey by Bus Eassy For Class 7,8,9, 10

Composition on A Journey by Bus

Introduction: A bus is a common transport in our country. Almost every day we travel from one
place to another by bus. A long journey by bus however is a rare occasion for anybody. A journey by bus is
always pleasing and exciting. In our modern life, a bus journey is very comfortable. Once I had the opportunity
to travel by bus from Dhaka to Sylhet.
Interesting experience: I went to the Sayedabad bus terminal in the morning. I found out Dhaka Sylhet bus. To
my surprise, I found that the seats were almost full. Luckily I got a ticket. It was a luxury (f) chair
coach. My seat was beside a window and I found it quite comfortable.
The bus started for Sylhet at 7 am. When our bus left Dhaka city, the driver increased its speed. Our bus was
running leaving behind the houses, cottages, villages, and trees on either side of the road. My mind was
filled with joy at the sight of the green fields.
Ferry ghat: We reached Meghna ferry ghat at Bhairab at 8 am. We all got down from the bus. At the ferry, the
hawkers came running to the buses. They began to sell bananas, bread, fruits, betel leafs (T), and cigarettes
The ferry took about half an hour to go to the other side of the Meghna.
A narrow escape from a collision: After crossing the river, we again got on the bus. It began to run
faster than before. On the way, our bus was about to collide with a loaded truck coming from the
opposite (Para) direction. But thank Allah. We had a hair-breadth escape.
At about 11 am our bus reached Habiganj road. Our bus began to move through the zigzag road of the hills. The
panoramic (
von Tay) view of the tea gardens on the hills were really charming. At Sreemangat our bus
stopped for a while. In one place there was a ‘majar’ of saint where people were throwing money from the
Destination: Our bus was running at full speed and I was enjoying tilawat Quran from the cassette player of the
bus. I felt drowsy. Our bus reached Sylhet at 2 pm safely.

Feelings after the journey: though my journey came to an end, it seemed that the time had passed away so swiftly. My feelings can very well be expressed in the words of the poet,

“The day so soon has glided by,
Even like the passage of an angel’s tear.”

I felt, my imagination kept roaming about with my senses all over the passed-by way. Still now, the memory floats up before my mind’s eyes and fills my heart with immense joy and pleasure. Let me quote the words of the poet,

“I gazed- and gazed- but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought.”
Conclusion: My journey was a long and pleasant one. I shall never forget the memory of this journey because
it was the first long journey in my life.

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