Education For All essay Class Students

Education For All

Introduction: Education is the backbone of a nation. No person or no nation can stand upright without education. All development endeavors end in smoke because of illiteracy. But it is a matter of regret that the majority of our people are deprived of education. Education for all is the crying need in our country.
Importance of education for all: Illiteracy is a curse. It frustrates all development works of the country. About 75% of the people of our country are illiterate. What a pitiable life they are living! They lack the simplest amenities of life. Illiteracy is the root cause of their miserable life.
These illiterate people do not know how to cultivate their land through scientific methods. They are ignorant of the methods of population control. Again the percentage of male literacy is 31. 0, while that of female literacy is only 16. 0. The woman folks suffer both in the houses of the parents and the husbands. They also do not know how to take care of their children. Education for all, male crimkisamutin our country.
Steps taken by government: Our government has taken an intensive program to educate the illiterate masses. It aims at imparting the knowledge of writing the name at least, to illiterate people within the short possible time. The government has made primary education compulsory for all. It has also launched a food for education progrmme. Female education up to SSC level is free of cost. There is another program. Its objective is to involve the adults in education. They will receive not only basic education but also practical training in their vacations. The TV and Radio are also broadcasting various features on basic education for all.
Conclusion: We hope that all the people of our country will learn how to read and write by the year 2010. We should come forward to wipe out illiteracy from the country.

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