Characte Essay For All Class


Introduction: Character means the good qualities of a man. Honesty, truthfulness, sympathy, courage, fairness, etc. are the qualities of a man of character. Character is a great wealth for a man. The man who has lost money has lost nothing. But if he loses character, he loses everything Without character, his wealth, power, and position are of no use.
A man of character: A man’s character is revealed in his speech, action, and manners. A man of character will never do any evil deed. All trust a man of character for his honesty. He never tells lies. So everybody believes a man of character. He is the torch-bearer of society.
A man without character: There goes the proverb: When money is lost, nothing is lost, health is lost. something is lost, but the character is lost, everything is lost. A man without character is no better than a lower animal. He can do and undo anything. A man without character may have got enough wealth and power by cheating others, but a day will come when all will hate him.
Character commands respect: There is a proverb that ‘Honesty is the best policy. Honest people may not attain success quickly, but that does not matter. Truth shall prevail one day. The life of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad is the finest example of noble character. In his earlier life, he was oppressed by the Arabs. Nevertheless, his enemies had great faith in him. Powerful instrument: Character is more powerful than knowledge itself. Knowledge can be utilized for the good of lumreyif there is character.
Conclusion: Formation of character, therefore, is of vital importance to every man and woman. So, the character must be built up from boyhood. Character is more valuable than any other thing in the world.

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