Punctuality Essay for Students In Class 7,8,10,11


Introduction: The quality that makes us able to show other qualities is punctuality. It is such a habit that helps us to perform works in time and prove our ability. A man may be persevering, may be truthful, may be honest, or maybe brave but if he is not punctual, all of his qualities are useless.
What is punctuality: Punctuality means the habit of doing work at the right time. Everybody should try to be punctual as it is a very good habit. A punctual man gets up at the right time in the morning He takes his breakfast in time. He is never late in doing his duties. Time is very valuable. Even a single minute should not be wasted.
Nature of punctuality: Punctuality is a habit. We can do a thing at the right time if we want. But many of kill time. We often put things off and say that “We will do it tomorrow. We must do a thing at the right moment. The best motto will be “Do it now”. We must try to learn to be punctual. Punctuality is the soul business. Without it, no work can be done well. To business and professional men, punctuality is of great importance.
Punctuality in student life: A punctual student gets enough time for his study. A punctual boy learns his lessons in time and finds no difficulty in the examination.
Importance of punctuality professional life: Punctuality is of utmost importance in professional life. Lack of punctuality of a doctor might mean the loss of life and in the case of a lawyer, it might mean the ruin of his client and so on. If a businessman fails to maintain punctuality in his appointments, his business might be paralyzed (ware) and might suffer serious financial loss. On the other hand, the shopkeeper who opens his shop timely may be sure of having a regular supply of customers. As a result, he prospers day by day.
Demerits of not being punctual: A man who is not punctual does harm to himself. He is disliked by all. An unpunctual clerk loses his job. An unpunctual man cannot say his prayer in time. A lazy man is generally unpunctual. He never keeps time.
Conclusion: There is a proverb that ‘A stitch time saves nine. So punctuality is key to all success. Punctuality makes a man happy and wise. We should build the habit of punctuality.

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