Essay About Traveling Why Should You Start Travelling Today



Importance of Traveling


Traveling means to go from one place to another place. Generally, people go for long-distance in traveling. Bookish knowledge is theoretical and incomplete in order to have practical knowledge we have to for traveling. Traveling plays a very important role in achieving the perfect education. It is necessary for gaining practical experience.


Purpose of traveling: 

The man has an inborn curiosity to know the unknown and to see the unseen. He wants to see the new countries, cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, etc. He wants to know about different nations, their culture, manner, and religions. It is necessary for writing books, collecting data, and increasing trade and commerce.


Troubles of Traveling:

In ancient times, travelers had to suffer much from traveling. they didn’t have. they didn’t have suitable transport. they undertook a lot of troubles while traveling over high mountains or crossing wide rivers or deserts. Nowadays, traveling has become much easier for the invention of the airplane, buses, speedy trains, ships, etc. In spite of that, there are some difficulties. These are.

  1. Harassment of pickpockets, hijackers, miscreants, and dishonest customs officers.

2.Suspicion and harassment of the law and enforcement agencies.

3. Travel sickness of new weather, water, and soil.



A traveler can see the customs, religion, trade, and commerce of different countries of the world. He can learn a new language when he will come in touch with the people of other languages. Traveling helps us to observe the new creation of God. We can see the natural wonders of the world. We can also see the wonderful cities, structures, and civilizations. Traveling broadens our minds, widens our outlooks, and develops our practical knowledge. Traveling is very important for the student. The University students have to go on an excursion. It is a kind of traveling. The college students go for the study tour or picnic. It is necessary to remove their boredom of study.


In Conclusion:

As the usefulness of traveling is unending, we have to for traveling. For this reason, schools, colleges, universities, and even the government arrange traveling. We must go traveling to fulfill our theoretical knowledge. By sitting at our home, we cannot learn what we gain after traveling to foreign lands. Traveling is really very important in our life.

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