Tree Plantation Essay For All Class

Tree Plantation Essay

Under the greenwood tree
Who loves to lie with me.
And turn his merry note.
Unto the sweet bird’s throat.
Come hither, come hither, come hither.
This was the cordial invitation of William Shakespeare to the bored city dwellers. If he were still alive, he would found that his favorite woods are no more attractive now. From Sunderbans to Amazon the woods are losing their trees and also beauties.
Indifference attitude towards trees: It is true that people have understood the importance of trees. But most of our people are very indifferent towards trees. A very few people care to plant new trees. Our country is now at a deficit in necessary fuel except Dhaka, Chittagong, Feni, Comilla, and Bramman Baria, etc. The present condition of forests in Bangladesh Trees is part and parcel of nature. But for urbanization and industrialization, we are frequently cutting down trees. Bangladesh has only 9.1% of the forest where 25%is necessary. But due to our unwise acts, they are insufficient to maintain ecological balance.
The necessity of tree plantation: For less rain and rise of temperature the northern districts of our country are on the verge of desertification. To tackle this problem tree plantation would be the most useful step. Our economy depends on agriculture and agriculture depends on rain. But rain occurs timely only when there are adequate forests in the country.
The opportunity of afforestation in our country: Tree plantation on a large scale is called afforestation. In our country, sea-beaches, roadsides, and low-lying areas can be chosen for afforestation with special types of trees suited to the soil. Shaddy trees and fruit trees should be planted by the side of the roads and highways.
 Conclusion: Trees are the best friends of man. They give us oxygen and accept that no animal can live. So, we all have to come forward to save the forests and make new forests simultaneously.

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