Long and Short Essay on Rainy Day in English

A Rainy Day

A rainy day is a day when it rains heavily. This day creates booth pleasures and sufferings to us. The whole atmosphere is wet on the day some people enjoy to pass this day merrily but it is not enjoyable to all.

A rainy day is dull and gloomy the sky remains cloudy it rains in torrents. Sometimes it drizzles. The sun cannot be seen everything seems to be indistinct and hazy. Sometimes violent blasts of wind blow. Thunders are heard along with heavy rain. The whole atmosphere becomes eerie to us.

 A rainy day brings great sufferings to the poor. They have to remain at home they cannot go to their work. As a result, they cannot manage food they have to starve even staying in huts becomes difficult for them. Water enters their house through the patches of their sheds. Sometimes, their humble cottages are washed away in torrents. They have to pass the day along with their inmates in dire suffering.

A rainy day comes as a dreary agent to the passers-by the roads become muddy. They cannot walk down the road. Sometimes they slip on the road again those who have no umbrella suffer the most. They are seen drenched in rainwater. They have to wade through rainwater the students also suffer on a rainy day they are wet on the way to school they have every risk of foot-slip and fall. The students who do not go to school feel happy at home. They can pass the day merrily amidst of other members of the family. They can enjoy television or play some indoor games. Thus the students can enjoy the holiday.

A rainy day offers a blessing to reach people they feel no tension they feel relaxed they heartily enjoy this day. They pass this day complete rest and relaxation. They can forget the din and bustle of life. They can enjoy themselves a different pastime. They watch television or read the newspaper. Sometimes they sit quietly by the window and listen to the patter of the rainfall. They can pass this day under the soft blank on the couch. They surrounded by their friends and dear ones. They also satisfy themselves with different homemade delicious foods. It seems a rainy day awakens all their pleasure and amusements.

A rainy day for the poet

A rainy day special attractions to the poets and imaginative people. They are thrilled on this day their thinking powers arouse and poetic sensibilities are sharpened. They feel unimaginable feelings, emotions, and thrills in their interior hearts. The internal senses sing in praise of rains which comes as a great directive to them. Their sub-conscious state of mind is transformed and they feel infinite emotions. They want to plunge into the deep ocean of enjoyment. They leap with the rhythmic sound of the rain. They take pen and pencils and start writing poems or other articles either in praise of their beloved or nature.

On a rainy day, the natures assume a charming look. The whole environment becomes fresh and cool. Everything seems tranquil the naturals objects are bathed in rain. the leaves of plants and trees are tossed by the rain mixed wind. The birds are seen wetting on rain. The cattle go to the fields drenched by rain. the whole atmosphere looks.

Dreamy and also dreary to us. The normal life becomes paralyzed. It seems that nature itself is lamenting for the loss of some dear ones.

A rainy day is a day of rain and darkness people have to confine within their shelters. Everyone is affected on this day. In fact, a rainy day touches everyone’s heart more or less.    


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