Short essay on A Village Market

A village market

A village market is a place where the villagers buy and sell things of their daily use. It is an important place for them. They satisfy their demand from here. It plays a great role in the economy of the people.


Generally, a village market sits by the riverside or canal usually under a banyan tree. This place is linked with surrounding areas on road. A village market sits on the morning and breaks up at noon. On hat days some market sits at 1 or 2 p.m. and breaks up at night.

Kinds of village market:

There are two kinds of the village market. One is bazar and another is a hat. The bazaar sits every day and the hat sits once or twice in a week.

Nature of shop:

A village market sits in the open place. There is vast space in front of the hops. The customer stands there. The shopkeepers sit in rows. They sell different types of things such as rice, dal, oil, onion, garlic, ginger, vegetables etc. the shops here are two types. These are temporary shops and permanent shops.

  1. Temporary shops: In the temporary shops, the shopkeepers sit with oil, rice, dal, vegetables etc. After the finish of the market, these shops are closed down. Next day, the shopkeepers sit with their sheds. Always din and bustle prevail here.
  2. Permanent shops: the permanent shops rest all the market days. These are house strongly here the shopkeepers sell rice, pulse, wheat, flour, sugar, fried rice etc. these shops are less crowded. Here the customers come and buying their necessary things goes away.

 The system of buying and selling:

Village markets always busy the shopkeepers and the customer bargain with each other. After the bargaining, the things are sold. Sometimes it is seen that the bargaining continues along. The customers value fresh and good things. Those who can bring good things can make a good profit. Some commodities have fixed price written on them. In this case, the customers have to buy things at the fixed price. The shopkeepers draw the attention of the customers to their goods. Sometimes the simple-minded customers are compelled to buy the things being motivated by the shopkeepers. Thus the buying and selling process always keeps market crowds.


A village market has much importance. It supplies the daily necessities for the villagers. The producer can sell their products. The people meet their acquaintances here. Thus it becomes a meeting place for the villagers. They can exchange their views and greetings. It creates social intensification. A village market has economic roles. It is the place of the economy for the village people. The government can collect taxes or money from the village market. It is a source of livelihood and employment for the people.



A village market has some drawbacks here things are not sold at the fixed price. The shopkeepers can easily hoax the customers. Sometimes unexpected mishaps happen about the prices. Again a village market is not clean. It remains a dirty filthy atmosphere prevails here. There are no sweepers here.

Sometimes pick-pockets are seen. Terrorism and other anti-social activities happen surrounding the market.


A village market is the center of relations among the villagers. Here different types of people assemble together. They can meet their daily necessities. Thus a village market plays a vital role for the villagers.

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