Long and Short Essay on My Hobby in English for Children and Student

My Favorite Hobby

Hobby is an important medium to pass leisure. It is not a profession for earning one’s livelihood. It gives the earning of a man. My hobby also gives me a lot. I’m fond of my hobby.

There are different types of the hobby these are gardening, reading, stamp collecting fishing, painting horse race etc. Different men choose different hobby based on their test and sentiments.

Important of a hobby

Man is fond of hobby without it, man cannot pass time. Hobby gives freshness and animation amidst of dullness and monotony of life. It removes our tiredness it gives us solace and satiety from the restricted routine life. Man gets innumerable pleasure after doing their ordained duties. The refreshments got from hobby encourage a man to resume work with renewed strength and power.  The hobby can teem as the source of our animation and working capabilities. Again, man can get knowledge from different types of hobbies. Traveling offers a man to come in close with important places or objects. Reading exhorts man to increase the horizon of experience and knowledge. The collection of insects and flowers also gives knowledge and pleasure. Thus different hobby gives different pleasure.

My Hobby

I am a student I have also a hobby. Since my boyhood, I like flowers and plants. Defending on my tendency and liking, I have selected gardening as my hobby. I have also selected this hobby because it does not cost me money. I get immense pleasure from my hobby.

I have made a garden in front of our house. At first, I enclosed the whole area.   After I plowed the area well. I planted flowers and vegetables. I also make arrangement to perfect my plants well. Now my plants have grown well in the afternoon, I got a toy garden. I stay for one and half hour there I weed out the garden and water the plants. Sometimes I give chemicals and insecticides to protect them from insects. When the flower plants are the problem, I take the advice of my father and agriculture teacher. There are varieties of flower plants in my garden. I lose soil with a spade and prune the branches. I have made only a great to enter into my garden.

 My hobby does not cost much money it may kill me sometimes and energy. But my return from this is huge. When I go to my garden, I get incredible pleasure. My joys know no bounds when the full-blown flowers toss in the breeze on bright on bright sunshine. These flowers fascinate me greatly. When I get tired I go to my garden. I refresh myself amidst the blooming flowers. Sometimes, my joy reaches so high that I forget to come out of my garden. My garden serves another purpose. Our family is beautified from the vegetables in my garden.

My hobby has no demerits worth mentioning. Anyone may say it snatches away my time. But I think its no waste of time and energy. The one or two hours that I work in my garden. My garden is not a waste of time rather it gives me much.

Man needs refreshment and pleasure. Hobbies are for this human mind can go through smooth and refined manner by means of hobbies. But one must realize that hobbies should be creative and innovative. In my personal life, I feel highly glad about my hobby.

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