500 Words Essay on a Journey by Boat for Kids

A journey by Boat

Bangladesh is a land of the river here a journey by boat is very easy. One can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere by a boat journey. A large part of our country sinks under rainwater. At the time, different places can be visited by boat. Last autumn vacation, I got such an opportunity to make a journey by boat.


Our college was closed on the puja vacation last autumn. I along with some of my friends decided to go on a journey by boat. The date and time were fixed we haired big boat we took our necessary luggage and food. Accordingly, we reached the river ghat on the fixed date.

The beginning of the journey:

It was a bright sunny day the atmosphere was calm and cool. There we are few patches of clouds on the sky. We got on the boat there were helmsman and two oarsmen. All of them were experienced and strong. The boat started at 8.30 p.m. with oars.

Description of the journey:

The river was calm we were in an exciting mood. It seems we were going to plunge ourselves into the ocean of enjoyment the boatman started singing palligeeti. The murmuring sound of the river along with the sound of the oar created of the combination of excellent musical tone. The boat was moving speedily on the favorable wave. The total atmosphere was bathed with excellent beauty. The open fields, green crops etc. created the eye-dazzling sight the cottages of the rivers side villages with a cluster of trees beside them offered a very fantastic look. We sow the village women bathing in the river and carrying water. Fishermen were fishing, birds of various species were hovering over our heads. The beautiful rural atmosphere cast a spell upon our minds and we were struck dumb.  After four hours our boat reached near a small bazer. We got down from the boat we decided to cook food some of my friends went to the bazer and bought rice, vegetables and fish there were cooking equipment for the boatman on their boat. One of the oarsmen was an excellent cook. He cooked deliciously and after eating we resumed our journey the boatman again started singing. We felt sleep with the gentle breeze. The songs of the boatman also lulled us too sleepy mood. However, we resisted our sleep and engaged ourselves in sucking the beauty of all around.

Sunset on the river:

The time advanced the boat was moving the sun was about to set. Setting sun leans on the western sky. Gradually day vanishes on the western horizon. All of us we are enjoying the rare beauty sitting on the boat. We visualized the sitting sun the darkness appeared we enjoyed both the twilight and the transition.

The river at night:

The river at night very fantastic this was the first time on my life to enjoy the moon-blanched river. Our boat was moving with the dancing waves. We visualized the trees and bushes on both sides of the bank. The light from the fishing boats was coming other in the river. We heard the murmuring sounds of the river along with the sounds of fishing boats.  We also heard the cry of stray jackal every now and then.


We were immersed in enjoyment with this happy mood; we fail to understand when the boat reached our destination. The boatman announced our departure. It was about 8 p.m. we halted there for sometimes it was a happy journey.

In conclusion:

That river journey left an indelible impression on y mind. Its memory will linger in my mind as long as life. This journey also helped me to be close to the natural atmosphere.

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