Essay on My Garden for Children and Students

My Garden

I’m a college student I have made a garden. It is very fine to look at. I work here at my leisure. it gives me peace and satiety. All the members of my family are satisfied with my garden.

Reason for making a garden:

I come off an agriculture family my father is a farmer. We have a rich agriculture background. Since my consciousness, I have been acquainted with farming. I have cherished a dream to make a garden. In keeping with this mentality, I have made a garden. I like this garden in my heart. To remove the monotony of my life and to keep my self my close to nature, I have also felt an urge to make this garden. My parents and elder sister also inspire me to make it.

Description of my garden: 

My garden is very beautiful to look at. It is full of plants and trees. it is enclosed tightly so that goats and naughty boys cannot enter into it has a nice system to bear water to bear water into it from our pond. I work here in the afternoon. Sometimes my father employs labors to work my sister also works with me. We plow it and make the soil loose. We weed out the plants and give water. My garden has three sections each section contains drains to carry water.

The situation of my garden:

My garden is situated on the eastern side of my house. My father has selected his spot. It covers a quarter acre of land. As our house is east-faced, everyone coming to our house has to look at my garden. There is a narrow road which connects our house and the garden. It is encircled by a fence.

DIfferent kinds of fruits and flowers:

I have planted different types o fruits, flowers, and vegetables in my garden. Among the fruits, the mango, the jackfruit, The guava and the blackberry are mentionable. The fowers include rose,merry-gold, Rajanigandha, Kamini, henna etc. The vegetables include seasonal plants. All these types of plants and trees grow in my gardens well in a planned way.

Care and protection:

My garden stands in the main position of our house. Every inmate of our family can take care of it. My father has entrusted me with the task of taking care of this garden. I work here and keep strict vigilance on it. My mother and elder sister also take care of my garden. I protect it from any evil intruders. I manure my garden and prune the trees. Everyone at my house makes the garden a rare one.


My garden serves a great purpose us It gives everything selflessly. My father takes his morning and evening stroll in this garden. Whenever I go to my garden I feel highly relaxed. My joys know no bounds when the full bloomed flower waver in the wind I am highly charmed at the sweet-scented flowers. My garden adds to the beauty of our house. When the flowers brighten in the sun, our house seems to be a paragon of beauty. My sister sometimes decorates our house with flowers from my garden. This garden removes the monotony and dullness of my mind. It refreshes my mind and keeps me aloof from the bad company. it removes my tension strengthens my mentality. Again my garden is a source of our family economy. it provides the fruits by which we fruitful our family demand. We sell a lot of fruits, flowers, and vegetables we can earn money from this. Thus, my garden serves a great role for our family.

In conclusion: 

My garden embellishes our house. I get to relax here I work earnestly. It boosts our economy. I am highly proud of this garden. My garden is a source of health, wealth, and employment for all of us.


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