Essay on A Trip to a Village on a Holy day

A Trip to a Village on a Holy day

I was born and grown up in a town the lifestyle and atmosphere in town Are very familiar to me. So when I get opportunities to go to the village, I do not lose those. Last week I got such an opportunity to go to a village in winter holiday.

My bosom friend Rana was born in a village now he is studying in town with me. Last winter holiday he offered me to go to his village home. I quickly took the offer and took every preparation to go to his native village in satkhira.

Journey to the village

Last Monday we start our journey from Gabtali. We boarded the bus at 6.a.m. the bus started at 6.20 a.m. I took my seat by the window. When the bus started running, I was thrilled. I felt I was going in to in infinity. After three hours of running, when the bus stops near a bend, I felt I came near the village and started getting down. But Rana stopped me and told that our destination was far away. However, I again was engrossed in enjoying the natural beauties all around. At last after three hours more we reached the outskirt of Rana’s village. He told me to get down and I promptly got down from the bus. Then we haired a helicopter to go to Rana ’s house in kontra. When Rana called vehicle as ‘helicopter’ I was surprised that the helicopter (that is actually bicycle) runs on the road. However, our helicopter moves slowly on the narrow roads inside the village.

Going throw the village roads we reached Rana’s village. His parents and sisters were ready to receive me cordially. Getting their bosom, they felt really pleased. Rana’s sister took a jug of water to wash our hand and feet. Observing our dry and fatigued faces, Rana’s mother gave us some muri, chira, and date molasses to eat. After this, I took some rest on the bed of Rana’s room.

At about 1.30 p.m. Rana told me to take bath in the pond. I was really amused at this word. Because I would take bath in the pond was a matter of surprised to me. However, I started to get this new experience. I reached the village pond which was very big. A large number of people were bathing at that time. The total pond area becomes hilarious. However, I felt strong sensations when I started getting into the pond. My amusement reached a climax when I dived into the pond I also swam there.

 Another new experience of this trip was to eat lunch sitting on a mat in his house. We folded our legs and sat on the mat to eat. Rana’s mother cooked the number of foods including different vegetable curries and fishes. This eating gave me some fresh experience. I could see closely about the eating habitués of our villagers.

In the afternoon Rana took me to the green fields. I walked into the heart of the village. Near this village, there is a vast field. Numerous crops grow there I went deep into the fields. There were lots of rip crops there. I also saw the shepherds tending their cattle and farmers working in the fields. The total fields along with the village area seemed to me as a rare beauty.

After my visit to the fields, I was returning to the village road. On the way, I was struck with wonder to see the rural womenfolk carrying water jars. The women were going keeping the jar on their hands and loins. This sight satisfied my eyes very much.

In the evening the village has appeared a new look to me. The setting sun and the twilight gradually went down into darkness. The total village seemed to be lost from houses here and there a hurricane or small lamps are enkindled. It seemed to me that I was plunged into deep darkness.

I was really enjoyed from this visit to the village.  I got immense pleasure there. I will never forget the sweet memories of this visit.  


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