Essay on Child Labour for Children and Students

Child Labour

Bangladesh is a small country with growing problems. Among all problems, child labour is a great one. The problem is spread its evil all over the country. It is going from bad to worse. All are getting concerned about this problem.

Child labour:

The labour done by a child is called child labour. It is increasing day by day. It is very inhuman it is disappointing. The children of poor families, the street children, and the orphans are the victims of it. They are involved in many chores. They do domestic jobs they work in industries, garment factories, hotels and in many other places. Many of them beg many break bricks. They also sell nuts, flowers, betel leaves, torn papers, clothes etc. some glean plastic materials, torn shoes, torn papers etc. many children polish boots. Sometimes they do risky jobs. Yet, they are unpaid. For the money, they are often involved in illegal activities. They are used for smuggling and supply of drugs. Thus they struggle to live. Yet, they society is cruel to them. It has no mercy for them. Sometimes they are bitterly beaten.


The working children are deprived of all basic rights. They do not get proper food. They suffer from malnutrition. They cannot go to school at all. So they are deprived of education. They have no recreation in life. They have no access to clothes, accommodation, and treatment. The society looks upon down them. In fact, they are just a burden.


There are many causes behind the child labour. The first and foremost cause is the huge population. This small country cannot support its huge population. It cannot provide its children with all facilities. The next cause is poverty. The poor parents cannot send their children to school. They want their children to help them in work. Another cause is the negligence of some parents. These parents leave them on the streets. The mysterious silence of the government is a vital cause too. The child labour is increasing at an alarming rate. But the government remains silent. Illegal relation and social unrest are also responsible.


The effect of the child labour is many. It shows that the country is not a civilized one. We are not well-behaved. We have lost our human qualities for child labour, the country is lagging behind. Today’s children are the future of the nation. If they are not educated, there will be no hope for us. Snatching and smuggling are increasing for it.

Ways of a solution:

Our population must be controlled first. Poverty must be alleviated. National wealth must be distributed equality. The working children must be taken back to education. They must be rehabilitated. Public awareness is also necessary. The electronic and print media can play a vital role to solve the problem.


In fine, we can say that child labour is a great problem. It should be solved at any cost. It is high time to solve the problem. Conscious people should work together with the government in this regard. Other wishes, we all fall in a great danger.


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