Short Essay on Postman

Essay on Postman

A postman is a man who delivers letters, parcels, money orders etc, to the address. He is a family figure to everyone. He does a very significant work. He is a great friend of the people.

A postman is a government employee he is employed by the postal department. He is usually put khaki dress. Sometimes he puts a turban on his head. He is seen carrying a letter bag on his shoulder. He sometimes uses a bicycle to discharge his respective duties.

The postman is a fourth class government employee he is not qualified. He is usually in class 8 or bests. s. c. he can easily read and write both Bengali and English language.

The postman does a great duty of his work being in the post office. He shorts letters, parcels, and money orders and makes separate bundles out of them for different areas of his beat. He also seals the letters, presale etc. then he goes out to deliver letters to the proper address. Whenever the delivers money orders, parcels and registered letters, he takes the thumb impression or signature of the address. In case of bearing letters, he tasks postal dues from the address.

The postman is very dutiful and sincere. He does not neglect his duties he never makes any mistake in selecting the proper address. He goes to the house and knocks t the gate. When the inmates come out, he salutes and delivers letters, parcels etc. he does not take any money from the address. He’s dealing with people is very nice.  When the address fails to read, he has to read the letters. He does not excite at this.  He remains cool and pacified. He exchanges greetings with the people. He also collects information from the people about their health. His congenial dealing and polite behavior make friendship with the people.

The postman does a very important work he is very useful to the people. He brings news from our near and dear one. We eagerly wait for him when we see him coming, we gate happy. But if he does give us letters that is, if we have no letters, we feel sad. But we expect him sooner for our letters. Sometimes, he carried good news and some time carried bad news. But we never unhappy with the postman. We eagerly want him we depend on the services of the postman a great deal.

The salary of the postman is little his economic condition is bad he has to lead a very miserable life. He cannot educate or treat his children. He has to go from house to house he has to endure heat, rain or cold. He is never negligent in his work. But his service is not properly appreciated and recognized. A postman leads a very miserable life. We care for our letters but not for him.

The town postman leads the quick and prompt life. He does not come in close contact with the people. He comes to the house of the address and puts letters to the private latter boxes. He also through letters from any openings or holes through the doors. When he has to deliver money orders or registered letters, he has to call out the address. After this, he goes away. In fact, a town postman has little time to wait and talk with the people.

The village postman

The village postman becomes very dear to the people. He mixes with them and shares their joys and sorrows. It seems that he is related to the people by some kindred feelings. Sometimes he has to sell postcards, envelops, stamps etc. A village postman usually goes from door to door on foot.

The postman is an essential government employee he performs a job of great responsibility. He is a dutiful, sincere and hardworking but he is ill-fed and ill-clad. Considering his responsibility and importance, everyone should come forward to improve his lot.

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