The Season You Like Best Composition For All Student

Season You Like Best

Introduction: Bangladesh is visited by six seasons in a year. Spring is one of them. In the cycle of seasons, the spring occupies an exalted position. It is rich in color, beauty, music, and fragrance.
Reason for my choice: The reason why spring is so favorite to me, is not far to seek. The excessive heat summer days are almost unbearable The damp and humid atmosphere of the rainy
season causes discomfort to us. All these inconveniences do not disappear fully in autumn. Winter again brings in for us biting cold and gloomy weather. But spring is free from any of these inconveniences. It does not stay long and trouble our mind with fingering monotony Its staying: In Bangladesh spring comes in the month of Falgun and stops in the month of Chaitra. Thus we regard Falgun and Chaitra as the spring season.
The gifts of spring: With the coming of this season, Everything looks fresh. The trees put forth new leaves Various kinds of flowers bloom (y) in spring. The air is heavy with their scent. Bees come in a swarm for honey. Their humming (004) sound fills the air, Butterflies (ar) fly from flower to flower It is also the season of songs and sweet notes. The cuckoo hides in bushes and sings.
How I enjoy the season: During the spring I go to my native village where I have spent my childhood. We have a big forest area 1 spend most of my time wandering in the forest. There I hear the sweet songs of cuckoo and so many birds which names I do not know. On a moonlit night, I with my friends go for a walk on the char of the nearest river.
Demerits: There was a time when our villagers fear to welcome spring. Because in this season diseases like water pox, chickenpox broke down which took away many lives. But now this problem is solved mostly by using vaccines.
Conclusion: It is surely the spring that offers the largest number of charming sights and sounds and makes people forget the bleak winter days and prepare for the toilsome period of tilling and sowing.

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