Paragraph on Air Pollution 100, 150, 200 to 300 Words for Kids, Students, and Children

 Air pollution

Air pollution is perhaps the most devastating form of pollution since it destroys a resource that every life form as we know it needs to sustain itself. The effects of this menace, both immediate and far-ranging, are easy to summarize: unbreathable air. The causes, however, need some more inspection. Every citizen who drives a car that is not properly serviced and that does not have emission control devices is contributing noxious gases into the atmosphere. Large industries that which does not pass or passes but do not enforce, strict air pollution legislation also does not have filtration mechanisms on their smokestacks are also contributors. Every government destroying the atmosphere. One may wonder why these three aspects of society are so cavalier about the air they breathe. Well, there is an underlying cause that motivates all three groups: money. Legislation and enforcement of laws, installation, and maintenance of filtration systems cost money. The majority of these three groups seem content to save a bit of money now and to sacrifice an invaluable commodity later.

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