How To Write A Cover Letter For Higher Study In Abroad?

Not just questions, I have to look at the subject from time to time. While editing the cover letters, I realized that we probably need to be a little more careful in this area. Your curriculum vitae (CV) may be very good, but because of this cover letter or motivation letter, your chances may be pushed away. So a good cover letter can open the door to your higher education.

Look, you must have seen the trailer of the movie/drama on television or YouTube. The cover letter is the trailer of your CV, just as the gist issues are highlighted in this trailer to attract you to watch the movie, in this context only important sentences that will be in the trailer.

Supervisors abroad are usually very busy. Dozens of e-mails have to be circulated every day. Many like you from all over the world are emailing him to do Masters or PhD. You said something at the beginning of the mail that you probably didn’t want to see your valuable CV. So the cover letter has to be, the essence of the CV and elegant.

how to write a cover letter?

Things to keep in mind when writing a cover letter-

what is a cover letter for resume?

In our country we usually address teachers as Sir. So when we apply for higher education outside the country, we also address it as Dear Sir / Madam, which is unsightly to foreign professors. Many supervisors may be reluctant to know the next information in your email by looking at this address by Sir or Madam or your mail will pave the way for trash bin. Professors/Supervisors from outside the country have a minimum qualification of PhD. So start with Dr. ‘X’ to address the professors.

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Then write the first line directly without introducing yourself, why you emailed him. The line may look like this, “I am interested to apply for the masters / PhD position in your laboratory that was advertised on the website (…..). Or if you have read an article and found it, write, I have read several of your recent papers on this topic, including: A/B/C (authors name) et al. . Then write in the second line, your current identity, where you studied or research information. The line could be like this, I recently graduated with a B. Sc. in Y (subject) from X University in Z (country).

In the second paragraph you will write, why you are eligible to do Masters or PhD in his lab. This is a very strong point, that if you want to convince a professor, you must highlight your academic qualities or skills. It is desirable to highlight how you have created yourself as a researcher. There should not be more than 2/3 sentences.

In the third paragraph you have to write, whether you have any research paper, how many there are, whether you have any academic award or not, finish in these 1/2 sentences.

In the fourth or last paragraph you have to summarize. There you can write My research / academic experiences and technical skills I could bring to your lab and written communication skills would make me an excellent match for this position. You must thank the professor for reading your valuable letter. Let us know the CV you have attached to the e-mail.

Be sure to write down whether you are interested in giving an interview. Then write down how you want to maintain contact with the professor. Please feel free to contact me (your e-mail address). And finally give your name and address.

I believe that if you follow this rule, many professors will be interested in reading your e-mail. I believe that your path to higher education will be easy.


Nadim Mahmud

Ph.D Researcher, Osaka University, Japan.


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