Scholarship in Germany For International Student

Scholarship in Germany: Way and Facilities


There are about 300 institutions of higher education in Germany. Of these, 72 are universities, 138 are applied for universities and about 48 are colleges of music and fine arts.

There is a long-term preparation for higher education outside the country. So it is better to proceed with extensive preparation knowing in advance. Want to study at a German university? Where to start? What do you need? What is the way to get admitted in the university? How much do the course fee and accommodation cost? What are the facilities? You can find detailed answers to many such questions on this website

There is a lot of valuable information about the structure of the German higher education system. You can also learn a lot about the many features of everyday life in Germany on this one and only website.

There are about 300 institutions of higher learning in Germany. Of these, 72 are universities, 138 are applied for universities and 48 are colleges of music and fine arts. Out of 20 lakh students in these institutions, 12 percent are foreigners.

First, the Applied Science University, where students are primarily given job oriented subjects. It goes without saying that research work is not done here.

Second, the Technical University, where the subjects of the science department, including engineering, are taught. There are also extensive research projects.


When to go to Germany?

There are several ways you can come to study in Germany. Anyone, who wants to pass high school must be admitted to a German language course. Very few universities offer English language courses at the undergraduate level. The first thing you can try is to be admitted to a subject that is taught in English. If not, you can be admitted to the bachelor course.

First, apply for admission to the relevant university in Bangladesh with some basic knowledge of German language. If you want to be admitted, come here and do the rest of the German language course within six to one year before starting the main course. Alternatively, you can apply directly from Bangladesh to any language learning center in Germany. If you are admitted, you will get a visa for language education. You can come here and finish the language education and get admitted to the subject of your choice at the university.

Higher education information

The German Academic Exchange Service (Technical University) is one of the most important sources of information for admission to Germany and its universities, including scholarships. Here you will find a list of different subjects and scholarship information. Notable for the scholarship is the German Science Foundation DFG, ( German Ministry of Education and Research BMBF (

Scholarship opportunities

Every year, 200,000 foreign students and 25,000 Ph.D. researchers are admitted to German universities. Of this huge number of students, 25 percent receive scholarships from various institutions. Many students have the opportunity to study in Germany each year through the DAAD or German Student Exchange Program.

Study/Subject to read in Germany

There are currently more than 450 higher education institutions in Germany offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD studies. There are various universities in Germany including Governance, Political Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Oncology, Communication Technology, Energy Science and Technology, Finance, Molecular Science, Studies in different languages, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Application process

All the applications and scholarships of different universities in Germany can be found online from the websites of different universities.

Several universities in Germany

Technical University of Munich: Munich, the capital of Bavaria, located in the south of Germany, has some of the best institutions in the world. Munich is one of the universities of technology. According to a 2013 survey, one out of every five students there is a foreigner. Address:

Humboldt University in Berlin: Another of the oldest universities in Germany is Humboldt University in Berlin. Address:

University of Heidelberg: Founded in 138, it is the oldest university in Germany. So for foreign students, it is a lot like a pilgrimage, especially for those who want to learn about South Asia or study any language in South Asia. Its position is seventh. Address:

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