Top 10 University In Global Ranking 2021

Top 10 University In World Ranking 2021


The main purpose of a university is to provide knowledge, acquire knowledge and generate the knowledge, related to the various fields of man’s life and the environment in which we live in. The value of a university is not depends upon the embodiment of it, but the quality education. If we want to evaluate a university we need the core data about it. And we should focus on the quality of the university but not the quantity of it.

Times Higher Education- THE (weekly magazine based in London), formerly known as The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES), every year published their report specially on news and issues related to higher education.

According to Times Higher Education world university rankings 2021, the best university is University of Oxford (United Kingdom- UK). And 8 of the 10 university are from United States of America, and others two are from United Kingdom.

In this list, the other universities are in ascending order is- Stanford University (USA), Harvard University (USA), California Institute of Technology (USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), University of Cambridge (UK), University of California, Berkeley (USA), Yale University (USA), Princeton University (USA), The University of Chicago (USA).

In THE world university ranking The University of Oxford holds its dignity by riding at the pinnacle in last 5 consecutive years. China’s Tsinghua University becomes the 1st Asian among the top 20 University.

University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) has no position in top 1000 University. Its position is 1001.

THE world education rankings 2021 include more than 1,500 Universities across 93 countries and it measures institution’s performance including teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

THE pointed out that “This year’s ranking analyzed more than 80 million citations across over 13 million research publications and included survey response from 22,000 scholars globally.”

Methodology of THE ranking:

Every research has to follow a proper methodology. Times Higher Education also maintains it. We can divide these indicators into five areas. These are Teaching means the learning environment; Research including volume, income and reputation; Citations included research influence; International Outlook of its staff, students and research; and finally Industry Income by knowledge transfer.

There is difference in scoring system. Every index are not same at all. So that you must know about the score point based on areas of making a ranking. These are 30% point in Teaching; and others portion are Research 30%, Citations 30%, International Outlook 7.5% and Industry Income 2.5%.

Promotion and Degradation of the Universities in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking:


  1. University of Oxford: It holds its dignity in achieving highest position of the university from all over the world for last 5 consecutive university rankings 2021
  2. Stanford University: This is an American university, last year was at 3rd position, but now it holds it dignity in achieving the 2nd world university rankings 2021
  3. Harvard University (USA): Last year it was at the 7th university rankings 2021
  4. California Institute of Technology (USA): It was at the 2nd position in last year.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA): It is the most famous university among all the engineering university rankings 2021
  6. University of Cambridge (UK): Last year it was 3rd in order, but this year it lost its position and hold the 2nd university rankings 2021
  7. University of California, Berkeley (USA): Last year it has no access in the class of top ten university, but this year it backs successfully and hold 7th university rankings 2021
  8. Yale University (USA): It is now as it was, means it hold its previous position, 8th position of the group of 10.
  9. Princeton University (USA): Last year it was at the 6th position in all of the university across the world, but this year it falls down and holds the 9th position.
  10. The University of Chicago (USA): It is the 10th  in position by degradation, last year it was at the 9th position. world university rankings 2021

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