Essay on Pahela Baishakh For All Class

Pahela Baishakh

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of different cultures. A lot of festivals are held in this country round the year. Among these festivals is Pahela Baishakh & the most prominent common festival. It is celebrated on the first day of the Bengali new year. It is a unique and distinctive festival for the people of all classes and all religions in Bangladesh.
Background:  Pahela Baishakh has been being observed in our country for about 450 years as a traditional
culture. The third Mughal emperor, Akbar was the first to introduce this custom in our country. Then, one day, the tenants were invited to the house of the landlord and they used to pay their rents there. Today also this day is being observed with great enthusiasm.
Traders and shopkeepers: The day is celebrated with traditional festivities across the country. It is a public holiday Traders and shopkeepers open fresh account books (hal khata) and offers sweets to their customers and clients.
Observed by different organizations: The day’s first programme begins at dawn at Ramna Batamtal. Chhayanat, a leading cultural organisation organises the programme People wearing traditional dresses attend it Bleidos, medus and many socio-cultural organisations draw up different programmes On this occasion, various types of fans and exhibitions are held throughout the country-both in villages and towns.
Conclusion:  On this very day of Pahela Baishakh, we try to forget the sorrowful events, exhaustion, distress and despondency of the previous year and welcome the new year together in a zealous mood dreaming of a better future. We all stand on a common ground beyond any political belief. In fact, Pahela Baishakh beings in along with it-hopes and aspirations to our national

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