Unemployment problem in Bangladesh Pragraph For All Students

Unemployment problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment is a state in which an eligible man or woman does not find a job suitable for him/her and therefore remains jobless. Bangladesh is a small country but it has a large population. Population becomes a burden for a country when they are unemployed. One of the main causes of unemployment lies in the education system in our country. Our education is not job-oriented. When we need more people educated in technical subjects, we have a lot of graduates in general subjects and they remain unemployed. It is a matter of regret that a huge number of people in our country are unemployed. Unemployment creates dishonesty: terrorism and violence. And thus a country becomes corrupt and its development is badly hindered. We need more jobs in offices, factories, industries, and in agricultural works to provide employment for the increasing number of unemployed people. So. proper steps should be taken to eliminate this problem.

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