JSC Exam result 2018- All Education Board Bangladesh

Are you searching for JSC 2018 All education Board Exam Results? JSC result 2018 all over in Bangladesh will publish on 24 December 2018.JSC exam All Board result, School board, Madrasah Board, Technical Board result will be published on 30 December 2018 all over in the country.  The JSC Examination result makes start this year on 1st November and Ended in15th November 2018.

Hope this year attend the total number of students 24,31,889 JSC examination 2018. that’s are a massive number of students that are participating in JSC exam 2018. This year increasing the number of students increased than the last year 2017 in the review. More amount students are the boy’s appeared in 2017 JSC exam. It’s a bigger the number than of girl’s students. The previous year girl’s students are massive than boy’s candidates. In 2018 the number of boy’s students were 13,23,217 and the number of girl’s students are 11,08,687.JSC exam is the first public most significant examination and the value of this exam increasing day by day.

JSC & JDC Exam Result 2018

This year of 2017, On 11 December The Authority of education board declared that JSC, JDC and Equivalent result would publish 30 December 2017 after 2 pm.on board result JSC means Junior secondary school certificate. It’s the first steps before JSC for every student life in Bangladesh. To make a better career and better life you have to very good in JSC exam 2018. This year many students dropped out from the JSC exam.

  • Total Participated Students: 24,31,889.
  • Male Students: 13,23,217.
  • Female Students: 1,08,687.
  • The number Of Exam Center: 3143.

When JSC result 2018 will publish?

After complete JSC or JDC exam, every student has a common question? when publishing JSC exam result. here we try to answer this question. here we provide every year JSC result publish date and publish here this year JSC or JDC exam result in the date.

Exam YearDate
2017 30 December 2018
2016 29 December 2018
2015 30 December 2018
2014 31 December 2018

JSC Exam Result 2018 Publish Date?

Result Publish Date: 30 December 2018

Examination Start Date: 1st November 2018

Exam Finished Date: 15th November 2018

Duration Of Exam: Two and Half Hours.

The Education prime minister Nurul Islam Nahid Said that this year JSC exam result would publish according to the last year date like within 60 days. So the Final time of JSC result 2018 is 30th December which is the 12th month of 2018.


JSC Result 2018 All education Board Results Bangladesh

JSC result 2018 all over Bangladesh including ten education board will publish Same day. Ten education board are:

  • Dhaka Education Board
  • Chittagong Education Board
  • Rajshahi Education Board
  • Jessore Education Board
  • Comilla Education Board
  • Sylhet Education Board
  • Barisal Education Board
  • Dinajpur Education Board
  • Madrasah Education Board
  • Technical Education Board

How to check JSC & JDC Result Mark sheet:

Check Here PSC result 2018

Any student JSC or JDC check her result with marks-sheet with following these steps.

  • Go To Education board Website com/app/stud/
  • Select Exa Type: JSC/JDC
  • Select a Year: 2018
  • Select a Board: Your Board
  • Select Result Type: Individual Result
  • Write your Roll: Your Roll
  • Write Registration No: To get marks You have to Submit Your Registration.

JSC Result Online

Any kind of student can check her JSC exam result online without any cost by using her Smartphone or computer at home. It’s a simple way to get the result from online with full details. Anyone who uses the internet he check her result quickly and easily by going to the education board website.

JSC result 2018

JSC Result 2018 – Educationboaredresults.gov.bd

Tow important webpage can help you to find your JSC or JDC Result 2018.

Now we give you a direction that how to find your JSC or JDC result with mark. Now we give you an education board official website to easily find your result Educationboardresults.gov.   It’s our official education board website. Here you find your exam result with the grading system. If you follow our direction hope you find your result easily. So follow this step carefully.

Follow Steps:

  • First Go gov.bd
  • Select Examination Type: JSC/JDC/Equivalent
  • Year: 2018
  • Board: Your Board
  • Roll: Give You Roll
  • Registration: Your Registration
  • Fill The Captcha by counting.

JSC Result 2018 – Educationboaredresults.gov.bd

JSC result 2018 with Marks

Here is a website that gives your result with marks every subject. You got easily this if you follow our step that we give you before. so now you visit this website to get the result with the marks every subject. The website name is Eboardresults.com this site help you to find your result mark and mark sheet.

JSC result 2018 Institution wise

Education board providing your result and your school result by just one click. If you want to got your school result easily you must need your school EIN number. We provide you with the official website, where you find your school result. The website name is mail.educationboard.gov.bd

How can I check my school result? It’s a common question from you. Here we provide you a simple way to check easily school wise result please follow this step.

JSC result 2018 Institution wise

If you check your result from this website you need to know your school EIIN number.  Where I get my school EIINN Number? This question the easy answer is we provide you every school EIIN number of Bangladesh

Click Here To Download EIIN number of All School in Bangladesh.

JSC Result 2018 by SMS

There have many ways to check JSC result. One of the old systems is JSC result check by SMS from your mobile phone. Any student who doesn’t know how to check JSC or JDC result from online he can try this system. If you want to know your JSC result by SMS you can follow these rules. It’s an easy way.


Follow The Steps: Go To Your Message option to your phone:

General Education Board

JSC<Space>1st 3 Letters Of Board<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Example: JSC DHA 123665 2018 and Send to 16222

Madrasha Board

JSC<Space>MAD<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Example: JSC MAD 321052 2018 and Send to 16222

Technical Education Board

JSC<Space>TEC<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Example: JSC TEC 321052 2018 and Send to 16222


Check Here PSC result 2018

All education Board shortcode:

Board NameShort Code
Barishal BAR
Dhaka DHA
Chittagong CHI
Comilla COM
Dinajpur DIN
Rajshahi RAJ
Sylhet SYL
Jessore JES
Madrasah MAD
Technical TEC

JSC Result Grading System 2018

Class IntervalLetter GradeGrade Point
80-100 A+ 5
70-79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50-59 B 3
40-49 C 2
33-39 D 1
0-32 F 0

 Jsc Result 2018 Dhaka Board

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh.  Dhaka board is the most significant education board in Bangladesh.  Every year many JSC student Got GPA-5 from Dhaka Board. Our education system defendant on Dhaka board because Dhaka board lead our education system.  Our every education board has an official website, where they publish all public exam result

Pass Rate of Dhaka Board JSC Result

YearPass rate
2017 81.66%
2016 79.63%
2015 73.46%
2014 86.76%

The Official Website Of Dhaka Education Board: Dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd

Here you will get all information about Dhaka education board.

JSC Result 2018 Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi Education Board is an important education board of Bangladesh. Most of the students are present in the Public Examination under this Education Board. Eight of the district includes the Rajshahi Education board. Rajshahi Education Board has an official website, Every student can check her JSC result from this Website.

Official Site: rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd.

A student can check her JSC result using two common ways. The first way is to check her result from the online, and the second way is to use her mobile SMS.

Rajshahi  Education Board by SMS system

JSC<Space>Raj<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Rajshahi Education  Board will be published JSC scholarship result in her official website. Every student can download her scholarship result PDF file from The Rajshahi education board official website or direct our website.

Previous year JSC Result Pass Rate Of Rajshahi Board 2017: 95.47%

JSC result 2018 Comilla board

Comilla education board is the most important education board in Bangladesh. Many students attend every year JSC exam from Comilla education board. A JSC student can check her result from Comilla Education Board official website or he can check her result through by SMS from her mobile phone. Here We provide him two way to check her JSC exam result.

  • No 1 step is: Comilla Education Board official website for an individual result: comillaboard.gov.bd/individual
  • No 2 step is an SMS system please follow our instruction:
  • Comilla Education Board by SMS system
  • JSC<Space>COM<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

You can check your school all JSC student school result from here result.comillaboard.gov.bd/.

Previous year Comilla Board JSC pass rate 2017: 62.83%

The pass Rate of  Comilla board decreased from the last of the year 2016

JSC Result 2018 Jessore Board

Another important Education board in Bangladesh Jessore education Board. Jessore education board is the most important education board for our higher secondary education but when the JSC / Junior school certificate system starts many students attend JSC exam under the Jessore board. Every student can check her JSC exam result from online or through use her mobile by SMS. You can check your JSC result from Jessore board official website the website is: Jessoreboard.gov.bd

Jessore Education Board by SMS system

JSC<Space>JES<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

The previous year pass rate of Jessore Board 2017: 80.43%

JSC Result 2018 Sylhet Board 

Another education board in Bangladesh Sylhet Education board. Four of the district under the Sylhet education board. Sylhet board is six number education boards in Bangladesh. Every Sylhet board student can check her result by two systems, a student checks her result from education Board official website and through the SMS from her mobile.

Sylhet education board official website: sylhetboard.gov.bd

Sylhet Education Board by SMS system

JSC<Space>SYL<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Last year Sylhet education board JSC pass rate in 2017: 89.41%

JSC Result 2018 Barisal Board

Barisal board is the most important education board in Bangladesh for all public exams. Six of the district under the Barisal Education board. Every year many students attend JSC exam under the Barisal board. Who attends JSC exam from Barisal board he can check her result from the Barisal education board official website and he can check by using her mobile SMS system. The Barisal board official website is barisalboard.gov.bd

Barisal Education Board by SMS system

JSC<Space>BAR<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Last year Barisal Board JSC pass rate so much high it’s hight result in Bangladesh any education board 96.32%

JSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur education is one of the biggest education boards in Bangladesh. Eight of the district attend JSC exam under this board.  Every year many students attend JSC exam from this Board. Dinajpur board has an official website. A JSC examiner collects her JSC result from this website and he gets her result through her Smartphone by SMS system.

Dinajpur Education Board official website: dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd

  • Dinajpur Education Board by SMS system
  • JSC<Space>DIN<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

Previous year Dinajpur board JSC pass rate is 88.31%.

JDC Result 2018

Junior Dhakhil certificate meaning JDC. Madresha board is a very important part of our education system thousands of student studies under Madrasha Board. only one board of madrasha education and every year many students attends JDC/Dhakhil and Alim exam. JDC mean junior dhakhil certificate. Any of student can see her JDC result from Madrasha board official website.

The Official Website Of Madrasah Boardbmeb.gov.bd

Last year Madrasha Board jDC pass rate is 86.42%

Madrasha Education Board by SMS system

JSC<Space>MAD<Space>Roll<Space>2018 and Send To 16222

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In Conclusion:

JSC or JDC is a most important for a student because its first public exam experience any student so be carefully read for the exam it the 1st pillar of your career and education. If you have any problem to collect your result, then comment here and send us a message on Facebook.

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