PSC Exam Result 2018-Get Fastest Primary Result

 PSC Exam Result 2018-Get Fastest Primary Result result will be published 24 December in 2018. PSC mean Primary School Certificate. Primary school certificate will be published in 2018 the same day at a time overall Country of all education Board. If you want to get your result fattest please follow our instructions carefully. Here we provide all education board PSC result 2018. The primary school certificate started in 2014. Every year more than 5milion of students attend PSC exam.

Psc exam result in 2018( Prthomik shikkha somaponi result 2018)

PSC exam also knows as primary school certificate or prathomik shikkha somaponi porikkhah. PSC starts every year in our country and this year started PSC exam from 18 November and end 26 November 2018. The exam held in 7,194 centers of the whole country. In 2018 the total 32,04,509 lakh student attend the PSC examination, and more than 14 lakh students are boys and 15 lakh of students were girls. Few numbers of students increase from the last year 2017. its called the improvement of our education system.its better for a country and society.

District wise psc result 2018

When publishing PSC exam result, we will publish result update in district wise and will publish PSC exam result 2018 by thana wise in Bangladesh.  If you want to get your PSC exam result quickly, follow below steps.

Ebtedayee Exam in 2018

Every year many of student attend in PSC Exam from madrasha board. The Madrasha board PSC exam allso know as an ebtedayee exam. This is year 2,99,715 student attend Ebtedayee exam from madrasha board. The Ebtedayee exam students increasing day by day. It’s a new mileston from to our education system.

Psc result 2018 bd – Get Fastest Primary Result

More than 3 million students attend PSC and Ebtedayee exam from all education board include Madrasha education board and Technical education board. Students of PSC and ebtedayee are eagerly waiting for their PSC and ebtedayee exam result in 2018. Recent Publish a news according to the primary education board that PSC and the evtedayee result will be published on December 24 in 2018 at 12 P.M. After publishing the PSC result any student see their result from online and SMS method.

Ebtedayee result 2018 – madrasah board result 2018

Those students who studied their primary education from Madrasha board, He must attend ebtedayee examinations. That’s called evtedayee exam. Evtedayee result will be published in December 2018 at 12 P.M and student can see their result from online and SMS method.

Psc result 2018 – this website publish at first PSC result and ebtedayee result from their website. It’s one and only website for getting PSC result. Any of student and their guardians can see result easily from this website read this information carefully for fastest PSC result.


Psc and ebtedayee exam Result 2018 – Get Fastest Primary Result

Psc and ebtedayee exam Result 2018 

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Do you need your psc result 2018 more fastest?
We confirm you that give you fastest PSC result. Please stay with us for fastest PSC result comment below this post or like our facebook page and join our facebook group we will try to provide your result instantly. Primary school certificate will be published after a few days this time every student and their guardian very worried about the PSC result of their child.

How to check PSC result?

They are two Types of a method for checking psc and ebtedayee result 2018. The first type is online from website and 2nd is the SMS method. You can check your result easily by online & SMS method.

Psc result 2018 by online – –, psc result 2018 will publish through this site or

What will need to do to get the psc result 2018?

What will need to do to get the psc result 2018What will need to do to get the psc result 2018

Follow this step carefully correctly 

  • First, Click Here
  • Select your General Education or Ebtedayee Exam
  • Select year
  • Select your division
  • Select your district
  • Select your thana
  • Give your exam roll and click submit.

Psc result 2018 by SMS – Psc result 2018 check SMS

SMS method For General Students
DPEThana/Upazila CodeRollYear and Send 16222 Ex. Dpe 5900 125412 2017 sen
SMS method For Ebtedayee Students
EBTThana/Upazila CodeRoll Year and send to 16222 Ex. EBT 5900 125412 2017 send to 16222

Psc Rescrutiny Result 2018

PSC the primary school certificate result has few limitations. When examiner justice your exam paper, they made some mistake, but if you understand that it’s a teacher mistake you have a chance to solve this problem you can challenge it education board to change your result. If you want to Apply for this mistake you need to some fees and maintain some requirement. Have some steps to apply behalf the result. All primary students can board challenge easily change their result through SMS method. When you apply to change result you need to wait to 2 or 4 weeks to get board reply.

Psc result 2018 Dhaka board – Dhaka Education Board Psc Result

Dhaka is the most important Board for our education system. Every year PSC exam 60% of student attend in Bangladesh. Lots of students got GP A 5 and golden A+ from Dhaka education board, any student check their PSC or ebtedayee result from online and also check by SMS method. Here we provide all education board PSC pass rate include with Dhaka education board.

  • Pass rate 2017: 83.65%
  • Pass rate 2016: 93.06%

Pass rate dropped in 2017 from 2016. It happens because of question leaked.

Psc Result Comilla board 2018

Comilla board is another education board in Bangladesh many of student attend PSC exam from this Board. PSC result Comilla board 2018 also published on 24 December 2018 at 12.P.M. You will get Comilla Board PSC result 2018 from Education board official website and also you get your PSC result from SMS system . if want to get the result through by SMS you need to follow this Steps.

Online System: Get your result from an online visite education website (

SMS System: Get your result through by SMS follow this instruction DPE<Space>Thana Code <Space>Roll and Send to 16222

Psc Result Rajshahi Board 2018– Rajshahi Board Psc Result

Bangladesh 2nd largest education board Rajshahi education board.  Every year many students attend PSC exam from this board. Rajshahi education board published PSC result on 24 December 2018. Any PSC students of Rajshahi board get their result from the education board official website and he can also get the result from Through by SMS using your mobile phone. Last year Rajshahi education board got highest GPA 5  from PSC exam.

Dinajpur board Psc Result 2018

Another education board in Bangladesh Dinajpur education board. Every year many students attend PSC exam under this education board. This board is important for our education system. Any students of Dinajpur board get their result same system.

PSC Result Chittagong Board – Chittagong Board Psc Result

Every your many of students attends psc exam from Chittagong education board. It’s an important education system. Any PSC student their result from online and through by SMS from their mobile. Students can get the result from the education board official website (

PSC Result Sylhet board – Sylhet board psc result

Sylhet education Is another education board in Bangladesh.four of district students attend the PSC exam under this board. So many of students attend psc exam from this board. Sylhet education board student can get their result same system That we discuss some time ago.

Barisal Board Psc Result

Barisal education board Psc Result 2018. Barisal is the most important education board in Bangladesh because six of the district students are attending their PSC exam under this education board. Any students can check her result by the same system from education board website and through by SMS system

PSC Scholarship Result 2018

PSC Scholarship Result 2018 will be published few days of PSC exam result. The directory of our education board gives every year 82,500 students PSC scholarship for their good result. Total 33,000 students get talent pool scholarship and 49, 500 get a general scholarship. A student who gets psc scholarship he is better from other students.

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