What is the Dumbest Bird? Discover the Surprising Answer!

The rock dove, commonly known as a pigeon, is often perceived as the dumbest bird due to its presence in cities and potential nuisance behavior. However, pigeons are actually quite intelligent compared to other vertebrates.

They may not match the intelligence of parrots and corvids, but they rank fairly high in terms of cognitive abilities. When it comes to the dumbest bird in the world, the title goes to the kakapo parrot. Found in New Zealand, this flightless bird has gained a reputation for its low IQ, joining a list of avian species with less-than-stellar intelligence.

What is the Dumbest Bird

Other birds that have been labeled as dumb include the Northern Fulmar, Cardinal, and Killdeer. However, it is important to note that the perception of a bird’s intelligence can vary and may not accurately reflect its true cognitive abilities.

Are Some Birds Smarter Than Others?

Bird intelligence varies across different species. While some birds, such as parrots and corvids, are surprisingly intelligent, others may not exhibit the same level of cognitive abilities. Interestingly, certain bird families can have a higher density of neurons per gram of brain, comparable to non-human primates. One example of a bird species known for its low intelligence is the Kakapo parrot, often referred to as the “dumbest bird in terms of IQ.” However, it is important to note that intelligence in birds can be subjective and is often influenced by specific behaviors or adaptations to their environments. Hence, it is unfair to make a definitive judgment on which bird is the dumbest.

What is the Dumbest Bird

Kakapo: The Dumbest Bird In Terms Of Iq

The Kakapo bird, also known as the owl parrot, is considered the dumbest bird in terms of IQ. Native to New Zealand, the Kakapo is known for its unique characteristics and behavior. This flightless bird is nocturnal and has a large, rotund body with green, moss-like feathers. It is an herbivore and mainly eats leaves, seeds, bark, and fruits. Despite its large size, the Kakapo is known for being docile and clumsy, often falling off branches or stumbling while walking. It also has a unique mating behavior, emitting a booming call to attract mates. The Kakapo’s limited intelligence is attributed to its lack of natural predators, leading to a lack of need for advanced problem-solving skills. Thus, the Kakapo is considered one of the dumbest birds in the world.

The Dodo: A Symbol Of Dumbness

The Dodo bird, famously known for its extinction, is often considered to be a symbol of dumbness. Its lack of adaptive behavior and inability to survive in changing environments are some of the reasons why it is considered dumb. The Dodo bird was endemic to the island of Mauritius, located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Sadly, due to habitat destruction and the introduction of invasive species, such as rats and pigs, the Dodo bird became extinct in the 17th century.

One of the main reasons why the Dodo is labeled as dumb is its lack of fear towards humans. As a result, when European sailors arrived on Mauritius, they easily hunted and killed the Dodo birds without much effort. Additionally, the Dodo bird had a limited diet consisting mostly of fruits, which limited their ability to adapt to the changing environment. Their inability to fly and the absence of natural predators on the island also contributed to their vulnerability and eventual extinction.

Are Doves Really As Dumb As They Seem?

Are doves really as dumb as they seem? The perception of doves as dumb birds is a common one, but research on dove intelligence suggests otherwise. Rock doves, also known as pigeons, are actually quite smart compared to most vertebrates. While they may not be as intelligent as parrots and corvids, they rank fairly highly in terms of intelligence. In fact, some birds, especially parrots, songbirds, and the entire crow family, are surprisingly intelligent. Certain bird families have been found to have many more neurons per gram of brain than non-human primates. So, while doves may have a reputation for being dumb, it’s important to recognize that birds, in general, are much more intelligent than we often give them credit for.

The Stupidest Birds: Northern Fulmar, Cardinal, And Killdeer

When it comes to discussing the dumbest birds in the avian world, the Northern Fulmar, Cardinal, and Killdeer often come to mind. These birds have certain behaviors and intelligence levels that contribute to their reputation.

The Northern Fulmar, for instance, is known for its clumsy and awkward flight. It often appears disoriented and can easily collide with objects. Similarly, the Cardinal is notorious for its tendency to repeatedly fly into windows, mistaking their reflections for other birds. Lastly, the Killdeer exhibits behavior that can be considered foolish, such as pretending to have a broken wing in order to distract predators from its nest.

While these birds may not be the brightest in the avian kingdom, it’s important to remember that intelligence and behavior can vary greatly among different species. Each bird has its own unique adaptations and survival strategies, which may not align with our human understanding of intelligence. So, before labeling any bird as “stupid,” it’s essential to consider the context and ecological factors that shape their behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is The Dumbest Bird

What Bird Has The Lowest Iq?

The kakapo parrot is considered the bird with the lowest IQ.

Are Doves The Dumbest Birds?

Doves are not the dumbest birds. While not as intelligent as parrots and corvids, doves rank fairly highly compared to most vertebrates.

What Are The Most Annoying Birds?

The most annoying birds are pigeons, sparrows, and starlings. They can cause issues for humans and are considered nuisance birds.

Are Birds Smart Or Dumb?

Birds, such as parrots and crows, can be surprisingly smart compared to other animals. They have higher neuron density in their brains than non-human primates.

What Is The Dumbest Bird In The World?

The Kakapo parrot is often considered the dumbest bird due to its low IQ compared to other avian species.


While there is no definitive answer to what the dumbest bird is, there are several contenders. Birds like the Rock dove, Kakapo parrot, and Lilac-breasted Roller have gained a reputation for their less-than-stellar intelligence. However, it’s important to remember that intelligence can vary among individuals and species.

Ultimately, these “dumb” birds have unique characteristics and behaviors that make them fascinating in their own right. So, let’s appreciate the diversity and complexity of the avian world, even if some birds may not be the sharpest tools in the shed.



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