Gp Minutes Offers-Grameenphone All Minutes Pack (Updated) In May 2021

Grameenphone is a no 1 telecommunication operator in Bangladesh. Grameenphone always gives their customers different types of minute offers, and These offers update every month. September 2019 GP update all minute pack. here we provided Gp all update minute offers list. You can also check here GP SMS Pack 2021

Grameenphone all Minute Offers 2021


Grameenphone every time offers its customers many types of minute package. here you get to a full  Gp minutes offer list that’s you search.  chose an offer that is you want from this list. we make this list from Grameen phone last update 2019.

How to Buy GP Minutes offers 2021

There are many ways to buy GP minute offers and Gp bundle offers packages. here we provided the easiest way to buy Gp minute offer package and we also give here all package validity.


  • Choose the package from the list
  • Find out the activation code
  • Dial the activation code
  • You will get SMS soon

Gp minute offers, the list from Update After BTRC  2018


Minute PackActivation CodePriceValidity
10 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4024# 5.70 BDT 6 Hours
25 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4001# 14 BDT 16 Hours
42 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4002# 24 BDT 24 Hours
85 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) + 50 Any net SMS) *121*4004# 53 BDT 7 Days
135 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4026# 78 BDT 7 Days
175 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4006# 99 BDT 7 Days
200 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4007# 113 BDT 10 Days
350 Minutes (GP-Any local operator) *121*4018# 199 BDT 30 Days
Note: Above on the list to Applicable for any operators!

GP recharge offer 2021

These offers are valid for Gp to any local mobile operator. Don’t misunderstand about this minute pack in GP. We collect  All the information about Gp recharge offers from Grameenphone official website.

MinuteRecharge AmountValidity
25 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 14 BDT 16 Hours
42 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 24 BDT 24 Hours
75 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 43 BDT 4 Days
85 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) + 50 SMS) 53 BDT 7 Days
135 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 78 BDT 7 Days
175 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 99 BDT 7 Days
200 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 113 BDT 10 Days
430 Minute (GP – Any Local Operator) 227 BDT 15 Days

GP 4 minute offer Updates 2021

GP has the cheapest minute offer for their customer, it is a limited offer only for 4 Minutes. Any GP user can buy this offer for only 2.44 taka. It’s also called Gp 4 minute offers or Gp 4 minute pack. Any user can active Gp 4 minute offer by dial *121*4022#. But it’s offer validity only 4 Hours.

GP 8 minute offer Updates 2021

Gp hasn’t any 8-minute pack offer but GP customers can buy Gp 4 minute offer tow time. Some customer called it’s a Gp 8 minute pack offer. any GP customer can active this offer 8 BDT for one day.

GP 10 minute offer Updates 2021

Another cheapest offer is GP 10 minute offer for Gp customers.  Any Gp customer buys Gp 10 minutes offered by direct recharge only 10 BDT. The customer needs 5.70 BDT to activate this offer. The offer is available for any local operator. Its validity only 6 hours. To buy this offer dial *121*4024#.

GP 12 minute offer Updates 2021

Another cheapest offer is GP 12 minute offer. Any Gp user can activate this offer by using Gp flexiplan app. Gp all customers can enjoy many other exclusive offers by GP flaxipalan Apps. Any user can buy a 12-minute offer and purses a 16-minute offer at only 9 BDT its validity only 1 day.

Gp gives 15 minutes offer Updates 2021

Gp gives 15 minutes offer only at8.40 BDT. It’s offered validity is only 6 hours. Any user can buy this offer only 8.40 BDT. Any user can activate this offer by offer an activation code.

Gp 17 minutes offer Updates 2021

Gp customer buys Gp 18 minutes offer BDT only 10.00 BDT. Some customers called this offer Gp 17 minutes offer. But Gp has not any 17 minutes offer.  This offer validity offer is only for 12 hours. The offer activation code is *121*4*8*4#.

Gp 100 offer last Update 2021

According to BTCL new call rate GP, 100 minute is not available by direct recharge. Any GP user can by this offer using the GP flaxiplan offer. GP flaxiplan available on GP official website or you can get it by using Gp Apps. There are many processes to buy this offer. Here we provided all the way to buy and active this offer. Available this offer for 7 days at 69.80 BDT from GP flaxiplan. If you are a Grameenphone customer and you are searching GP 100 minute offer for 7 days you can pick this offer. The GP user also buys this offer at 73.29 BDT for 15 days. And you also buy this offer for 30 days. If you bye GP 100 minute offers for 30 days you need to recharge at 85.23 BDT only.


GP 200 minute offer last update 2021

GP 200 minute offer is Gp new talk time offer. Any Gp customer can purchase this offer only BDT at 113. The validity of GP 200minute offer 10 days Also, a customer can activate this offer by direct recharge at 113 BDT.  GP 200 minute offer activation code is *121*4007#. This offer allowed for GP to any local mobile operators!

Last update GP 20 minutes offer 2021

BTCL give a restriction for all mobile operators. According to BTCL notice, Grameenphone of their 20 minutes talks time to offer then start GP a new 25 minute talk time offers. Any Gp customers can activate this offer trough USSD code or Flexiplan apps or GP official Websites. Any GP user needs to 14 BDT cost for 25 minutes talk time offers. The total cost of GP 25 minutes offers only 14 BDT include SD+SC service. GP customers can use this offer for any local operator number. The validations of this offer are 16 hours.

GP has a 20 minute offers only 7 BDT but according to the new call rate now available this offers is 11 BDT. If you active this offer directly you need to dial *121*4*2#

GP 300 Minute Offer Update 2021

Grameenphone updates their all minutes offer in 2019. Gp 300 minutes bundle offer is available now only 166 Tk. This offer activated for any local operator the offer validity is 7 days. If you want to buy this offer dial *121*4*8*7*5#.

Before BTCL notice about Mobile operator call rate GP, 300 minutes offer pack was only 99 Tk. Now GP 300 minutes bundle offer available only 166 BDT. Now Gp customer buys these offer only 99 BDT according to BTCL new call rate 175 minutes. Any GP users buy this offer by direct recharge 99 TK. These offer Valid time for 7 days.

GP 500 minutes bundle offer update 2021

Grameenphone has a 500-minute bundle offer available in 2019. Any GP user can buy this offer using GP flaxiplan app or Grameenphone official website. GP 500 minute validity is 7 day or 15 days and 30 days any Gp User can activate this offer that he wants. GP customers can check out this offer by dial *121#. GP has another offer 430 minutes for 15 days its offer is allowed for any local operator. If you want to buy this offer, recharge 237 tk and dial *121*4*8*7*6# for activation this offer.


GP 20 minute offer updates 2021

Gp stopes their 20 minute talk time offer in 2019 for BTCL new call rate notice. But Gp starts a  new offer for their customer the offer name is Gp 25 Minutes Offer. Any GP user can activate these offers Through USD codes or GP flexiplan Apps.  If you can buy or Activate Gp 25 Minutes offer you will be charged 14 BDT. The Total Cost of this offer 14 BDT includes (VAT+SD+SC).  GP 25 Minutes offer valid only for 16 hours. Any Gp customer uses this offer for any local operators.

Some Gp user s search for Gp 20 minutes offers  7tk or GP 5 Tk 20 minutes. According to BTCL new call rate, GP customers can buy Gp 20 minutes offer is only 11 BDT. To buy or active these offers dial 121*4*2#


Gp 25  minutes offers 2021

Any GP customer dial *121*4001# to direct activate Gp 25 minutes offer.  Gp 25 minutes offer cost is only 14 BDT. Gp 25 minutes offer validity only 16 hours.


GP 40 minute offer Updates 2021

Any Gp customer who looking Gp 40 minute offer, can purchase now 42 minutes offers because Gp 40 minutes offer now not available. Any Gp Customer buys Gp 42 minutes offer BDT 24 dial *121*4002# to activate Gp 42 minutes offers. It’s a daily pack so the validity of the offers is 24 hours.  Gp has another offer only 33 BDT this is the Gp 45 minute offer. Gp 45 minutes offers validity is 7 days from activations hours.

GP 60 minute offer updates in 2021

Any Gp customers can buy easily GP 60 minutes offer using Gp flaxiplan Apps.  Gp Flexi plan Apps Is very helpful for GP users to activate any GP offers GP users can buy any GP bundle package by using flexiplan App. A Gp customer needs 46 BDT to actives Gp 60 minutes offer. The offer validity is 7 days.

Gp 75 minutes offer updates in 2021

Gp has 75 minutes offer for 4 days, Gp users can buy or activate this offer by dialing *121*4*8*6#.  The customers will be charged 43 BDT.

GP 80 minute offer updates 2021

If you are a Gp user you can easily activate Gp 80 minute offer bundle pack by Gp flaxiplan apps. Gp users can use gp 85 minutes’ offers besides GP 80 minutes offer. The offer validity is 7 days. The customer needs 53 BDT for activates these offers. Dial *121*4*8*7*1# to activates these offers.


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