Discover the Ways to Fast Travel in Grounded: Unlock Time-Saving Techniques

Yes, players can fast travel in grounded to save time and easily move around the game world. Grounded, developed by obsidian entertainment, is an open-world survival game that shrinks players down to the size of insects and challenges them to survive in a backyard.

While exploring this vast environment, players have the option to fast travel, saving them valuable time and effort. This feature allows players to quickly move between discovered locations on the map, making it convenient to gather resources or complete objectives without the need for lengthy traversal.

Whether it’s to regroup with friends, retrieve lost items, or explore new areas, fast travel in grounded provides a convenient way for players to efficiently navigate the game world and maximize their gaming experience.

Can You Fast Travel In Grounded


If you’re a fan of survival games, you’ve probably already heard about grounded. This popular game developed by obsidian entertainment puts you in the shoes of a shrunken teenager, navigating a backyard filled with giant insects. As you explore this vast and perilous world, you may find yourself wondering if there’s a way to get around faster.

Can you fast travel in grounded? Let’s find out!

Yes, You Can!

The good news is, yes, there is a way to fast travel in grounded. As the game progresses and you unlock certain items and abilities, you’ll gain access to various methods of speeding up your travel time. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Landmarks: Grounded features numerous landmarks throughout the backyard, such as mysterious trees or unique structures. These landmarks serve as fast travel points, allowing you to quickly teleport between them once you’ve discovered them.
  • Craftable items: As you gather resources and improve your crafting skills, you’ll unlock the ability to create items that aid in fast travel. For example, you can construct a zipline to quickly soar across distances, or build a bouncing web to launch yourself high into the air and cover large distances.
  • Insect abilities: The insects that inhabit the backyard can also help you get around faster. For instance, you may encounter a ladybug that can be tamed and ridden, allowing you to traverse the world with increased speed and agility.
  • Pond lab entrance: Later in the game, you’ll stumble upon the entrance to a mysterious lab located in the nearby pond. Once you activate the entrance, it acts as a central hub that allows for fast travel between different areas of the backyard.

In grounded, fast travel is indeed possible and can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Whether it’s utilizing landmarks, crafting useful items, enlisting the help of insects, or activating the pond lab entrance, there are various options available to make your journeys quicker and more efficient.

So, get ready to explore the vast world of grounded with the convenience of fast travel at your disposal!

Frequently Asked Questions For Can You Fast Travel In Grounded

Can You Fast Travel In Grounded?

No, grounded does not have a fast travel feature. Players must explore on foot to travel across the game world.

How Do You Travel Quickly In Grounded?

To travel quickly in grounded, unlock and utilize the various transportation options available, such as ziplines, teleporters, and ladders.

Are There Any Shortcuts For Traveling In Grounded?

While there are no direct shortcuts, players can use their ingenuity to create resourceful pathways and structures that can speed up travel time in the game.

What Are The Alternatives To Fast Travel In Grounded?

Instead of fast travel, players can set up camps and build temporary shelters across the map to establish convenient rest points for resting and resupplying during their journey.


To sum up, fast travel is not currently available in grounded. While players explore the vast and intricate world of the game, they will need to rely on their navigation skills and the use of landmarks to navigate effectively. The absence of fast travel adds an extra layer of challenge and realism, as players have to carefully plan their journeys and consider their resources and surroundings.

Although some players may find this lack of fast travel frustrating, it ultimately enhances the immersion and sense of survival in the game. The developers may consider implementing a fast travel feature in the future updates, but for now, embracing the exploration aspect of grounded is key.

So grab your gear and venture out into the backyard, discovering the wonders and dangers that await you in this shrunken world. Keep exploring, adapting, and surviving!



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